Project name:

Wind Turbine Main Shaft

Fabrication & Assembling

ACB-USA® product: Spherical Roller Bearings, Housings and Main Shaft 

Application: Wind Turbine 

Customer Type: Wind Industry

Country:  USA

At the request of one of our customers, we performed a re-engineering of both the main shaft and the supports.

We used the latest and most innovative specialized softwares tools, which helped us to achieve excellent results.

ABS was not only present in the design of each of the components, but also in the manufacturing stage, the quality control and the assembly process. ABS was crucial to effectively conduct such a complex project.

Project name:

Power Train Re-Engineering

Wind Turbine V47ND

Application: Wind Turbines 

Customer Type: Wind Industry

Country:  USA

In response to one of our clients, which has been experiencing frequent breakdowns and failures in the power train of the V-47, we took on the task of studying the entire drive train with the aim to determine the causes of these premature breakages.


Finally ABS was able to increase the service factor by modifying and replacing the gearbox components. In addition, ABS added a clutch and a coupling to the system and other mounting accessories.

After nearly three years of monitoring, our approach has allowed the turbines to performed better than ever.

Project name:

Wind Turbine Refurbishing

Application: Wind Turbines 

Customer Type: Wind Industry

Country:  USA

 Project Scope:

Design and supply of components, logistics, quality control and mounting site supervision of two (2) Wind Turbines NM 750:

  • Set of blades

  • Hubs

  • Gearbox 

  • Gearbox supports

  • Set of screws blades

  • Main shaft assembly & bearing          

  • MCC panel and control panel.

  • Tips cables

  • Hydraulic pump

  • Wind meter

  • Others minor components