ABS Wind Industry Division offers a wide range of technical, training, maintenance and repair services, with different levels staggered with orientation to the needs of the client.

We are a company with more than 15 years of experience in the wind energy sector and since 2005 we have been providing our repair services to wind farms. We perform repair works with basket cranes, on floor, with hanging platforms, and ropes in vertical work.

1. Technical advice and inspections

  • General visual inspection

  • General Inspection at the beginning and end of the warranties.

  • Borescope inspection services

  • Isolation tests generator (rotor and stator)

  • Main bearing inspection

  • Thermography of electrical systems

  • Vibrations

  • Inspection with Digiscoping 

2. Audits

  • During the implementation of wind farms

  • During warranty period of time

  • Previous to the end of warranty

3. Commissioning services in wind farms

4. Training 

  • Theory - Basic Level on Turbine General (O&M)

  • Theory and Practical - Intermediate Level on Turbine General (O&M)

  • Theory and Practical - Advance Level, specific courses (PLC, Inversor, Pitch, lubrication, etc.)

  • Drone manipulation for blades inspection

  • Maintenance 

5. Predictive Maintenance Services 

  • Boroscopia

  • Vibrations (data gathering and result analysis)

  • Oil and grease analysis

  • Blades inspection with drones 

  • Thermography in gearboxes, transformer, generator, and Medium voltage electrical system

6. Implementation of retrofit in turbine models outdated by NDA agreement.

7. Root cause analysis of mechanical system failures

8. Engineering 

  • Root cause analysis - Retrofit

  • Custom made solutions for mechanical, hydraulics and generator systems

9. Corrective maintenance services

  • Corrective minors of 6 to 12 months

  • Great correctives (not included crane)

10. Spare parts, utilities and consumables

  • Consumables and utilities for predictive maintenance 

  • Consumables and utilities for great corrective

  • Major components 

  • Electrical components

11. Additional Services

  • Training in power protection, custom made protection solution, electrical arcs analysis, etc.

  • Audit of operation of wind farms / Big Data / Scada Analysis

  • Alarm and Event records

  • Obtaining a real vs. guaranteed power curve by technology

  • Feasibility studies in projects

  • Technical and contractual advice for the end of warranty