In Wind Division, we strive to improve the life cycle cost of the mechanical transmission for our clients. The life-cycle cost

for a mechanical drive train can only be improved through improvement of the main components.

Our strengths are based largely on our field experience, knowledge of the engineering team to collect information for the specific application and experience in designing, testing, manufacturing and distribution.

Field Experience

and Data

We mainly cover North and Central America, which are geographically diverse wind energy market and has some of the world's wind environ-ments stronger and better. In these areas are conditions ranging from extreme cold climate to desert climates and regions of severe light-ning.

So we have had many challenges over the years working in these regions. This reinforces our engineering approach in solving mechanical pro-blems.

Each region has its particular set points as capacity factors, seaso-nal and weather changes, and given us feedback data, experiences and ideas on how to improve the parts, components and equipment in the field



Knowledge of mechanical train of wind turbines is implemented in close collaboration with our business partners IQ Engineering Group and Atlantic Bearing Services, both power transmission companies.

Our experienced team integrates data from field experience data with root cause analysis to provide better technical results.
We put our knowledge at your service.

Design and Test



The design and testing of parts and complete equip-ment is carried out in our own home, in laboratories, as well as third-party testing facilities and directly in the field.

Among our capabilities are testing media optimization of housing components and gearbox FEM. We may also collect and analyze data on life expectancy, from gear-boxes working for years in harsh environments which gives us valuable information.

Then we use our technical findings, in order to have a creative approach to the problems we face in the wind industry today.
We analyze and control the important details

Manufacturing and Distribution

The flexibility from our network drive manufac-turers on four continents gives us the agility to respond quickly to de-mand.

Our commitment deli-vering a superior product with acceptable delivery time and competitive prices for growing wind industry in North and Central America.