ABS Wind

ABS Wind is a full-service company specialized in the Power Transmission System. Since 1999, we have been engineering and repairing the major components of the power transmission systems for the Wind Industry. We are globally recognized for our ability to analyze and understand our customers’ problems and offer reliable, cost-effective solutions and personalized service. Our strengths rely heavily on our field experience, equipment performance feedback knowledge, application engineering know-how as well as design, testing, manufacturing and distribution experience.

Recently, RYASA, the leading bearing distributor in Mexico, has decided to join ABS. This transaction will help us to strengthen the development of the position in the industry, in addition to scope of our products and services.

RYASA is a company specializing in the distribution of bearings and accessories with more than 30 years of experience in the market. It is recognized for its high performance and dedication to customer service. It has more than 1,069 employees and operates through a network of more than 40 branches strategically distributed in Mexico. ABS together with RYASA form a great team, focused on guaranteeing to the customer the continuous operation of productive activity in an environment of optimization of resources and efficient costs, within a framework of quality control and continuous improvement.

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